Supervisor locating a village thanks to a donated Garmin GPS receiver

Supervisor locating a village using GPS receiver

Belanor A/S, Garmin’s Norwegian importer, generously donated seven robust GPS receivers to the Rapid Maternal Mortality and Obstetric Fistula Prevention Project!

The GPS receivers were used to gather geographic coordinates on almost 300 villages across a remote area twice the size of Rhode Island. The area has only a single road (unpaved), almost no sources of safe water, almost no localities with electricity, one midwife, one nurse in each of eight health centers, and about 100.000 nomads and subsistence farmers.

Thanks to the GPS receivers, we now know where each village is located, and we track data monthly as part of Niger’s successful HDI-supported project to rapidly prevent women from dying in childbirth and rapidly prevent obstetric fistulas.

Thank you Belanor for your generosity!

And thank you Garmin for making such wonderful equipment!

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