The Role of Global Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Alliance

To advance
the global mandate to eliminate lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem as enunciated in 1997 by the Fiftieth World Health Assembly

To energize
those who can contribute to its implementation

To help
affected countries define the extent of lymphatic filariasis infection, formulate national elimination strategies, and develop specific plans of action.

To promote
integration of lymphatic filariasis elimination activities with other public health efforts having similar intervention strategies.

To foster
partnerships among international organizations, the public and private sectors, and affected communities and individuals, to pool efforts and resources to eliminate this disease.

To assist
countries in securing sufficient medication and program support so they can establish and maintain effective elimination programs.

To develop
education and training materials and promote regional or local training workshops to ensure that necessary human resources and skills are available.

To provide
coordination, monitoring, problem solving and certification of effectiveness for national programmes.

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