Reports & Tools

Maternal/Infant Mortality & Obstetric Fistula

Preventing obstetric fistula on a public health scale
Published report of results – International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Volume 127 (2014) 269-274 (PDF, 6 pages)

Toolkit for the Rapid Prevention of Fistula Meeting report, 2010 Meeting report, 2005

Toolkit for the Rapid Prevention of Fistula
February 2010 (PDF, 98 pages)

Obstetric Fistula as a Catalyst for Safe Motherhood: Successes and Opportunities
Meeting Report, 9-10 March 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (PDF, 60 pages)

Obstetric Fistula as a Catalyst: Exploring Approaches for Safe Motherhood
Meeting Report, 3-5 October 2005, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (PDF, 27 pages)

First “Fistula as a Catalyst” Meeting
Draft Meeting Plan and Agenda, June 2005 (PDF, 5 pages)

Obstetric Fistula Prevention in Bankilare, Niger
Project Plan in English (PDF, 45 pages) Obstetric fistula constitutes the most dramatic complication for women who survive childbirth outside medical settings. Yet women in labor face heavy socio-cultural and economic pressure leading most of the time to childbirths outside medical settings and with no medical supervision. Faced with this reality, it is essential that procedures be put in place at the community level through which women in prolonged labor can be brought without delay to adequate obstetrical treatment.

Projet de Prevention Rapide de la Fistule Obstetricale in Bankilare, Niger
Project Plan in French (PDF, 17 pages) En raison de sa nature et de ses retombées sociales, morbides et psychologiques, la fisture obstétricale constitue une des conséquences les plus dramatique d’un accouchement mal suivi. Or les femmes en travail sont soumises à de nombreuses barrières socio-culturelles et économiques conduisant le plus souvent à un accouchement mal suivi. Face à ce constat il semble indispensable que des actions soient entreprises au niveau communautaire afin que les femmes en travail accèdent sans délai à une prise en charge thérapeutique adéquate.

The context for HDI’s fistula initivative, in Bulletin of the World Health Organization, May 2005 (PDF, 4 pages)

Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination

West African LF Morbidity Project: Surgery Handbook, An Aid to District Hospital Doctors, English version (PDF, 46 pages)

West African LF Morbidity Project, Evaluation Report: Outcomes of Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) Surgeries in Western Africa (PDF, 11 pages) This report synthesizes experiences in several West African countries under the West African LF Morbidity Project, which aims to bring good quality, modern LF-surgery treatment to patients in rural Africa as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Lymphatic Filariasis Control & Elimination Tools
Tools available now for diagnosis and treatment.

Guinea Worm Eradication

World Bank Cost Effectiveness Analysis on Guinea Worm Eradication Efforts
The World Bank found that Guinea Worm Eradication gives as good or better an “internal rate of return” as their own large, successful infrastructure programs. (PDF, 1 MB).