Is This a Good Time to Eliminate Obstetric Fistula?

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Several UN agencies, universities, governments and NGOs in various affected countries and donor-countries have taken up the cause.

The women who suffer obstetric fistula are no longer being ignored internationally. Women and men in several affected countries are showing interest in alleviating and preventing this most devastating of all pregnancy-related complications. Communications technologies and other needed infrastructure elements have recently become much more widespread, even in poor developing countries.

We now have a clearer understanding and several decades of experience with eradication approaches to disease. HDI alone has almost 20 years of such experience.

Initial results of a community based approach to prevent these tragedies (HDI-RFP; HDI’s Rapid Fistula Prevention) in remote areas that used to produce more fistula cases, uterine ruptures, deaths and other obstructed labor catastrophes than most, are very encouraging. Therefore, it should now be possible to mobilize the scientific expertise and financial support needed to deal with obstetric fistula in new ways.

We are not battling windmills. This is a good time to take on the plight of women who would otherwise suffer obstetric fistula, and thus help save the lives of thousands of babies and thousands of women in the process, as well as helping those who already have the condition.

Eliminate obstetric fistula! That should be the call! Now is a perfect time for HDI to help raise the call, and help to get the job done.