HDI’s Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Activities

Our overall goal in this area is to contribute importantly toward getting the global LF Elimination program successfully under way, and toward the effective, efficient elimination of this disease and its consequences.

We aim to do continue stimulating momentum towards lymphatic filariasis elimination, at a global level.

At the global and regional levels, HDI stimulates and helps organize key meetings, to help assure proper coordination of efforts among countries, regions of the world, and partners, including national programs, international organizations, corporations and non-governmental agencies.

Our second aim in LF Elimination is to work with selected countries towards demonstrating the feasibility of nation-wide lymphatic filariasis elimination.

To succeed here, we:

  1. Work with Ghana, the lymphatic program of which HDI helped start, to help identify and address impediments to LF Elimination in Ghana.
  2. Work with Togo, which started an LF Elimination program after HDI in 1997 informed the Ministry of Health about the feasibility of doing so, in the same way as with Ghana.
  3. Identify the level of external funding needed for elimination activities in Ghana and Togo, and work with the programs there to mobilize such resources.
  4. Initiate and support key initiatives to help Ghana and Togo coordinate their lymphatic filariasis elimination efforts.