HDI, UNFPA and CDC organize reproductive health policy conference

report cover

In October 2005, HDI co-sponsored, along with the UNFPA and the CDC, a conference at the Emory University Conference Center in Atlanta with worldwide experts to review the state of obstetric fistula treatment and prevention. Among other things, HDI’s plan to apply lessons learned in Guinea worm eradication toward the prevention of fistula was endorsed.

Since that time, HDI has been working with Ministry of Health officials in two countries to develop a program to increase the accessibility of c-section for women who experience obstructed labor. Click on the image at the left to download the meeting report.

participants at the reproductive health policy conference

Some of the participants at the reproductive health policy conference, Obstetric Fistula as a Catalyst:Exploring Approaches for Safe Motherhood, Atlanta, USA, October 2005.